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Why Med SPAs Need Digital Marketing

While most medical spas understand marketing and the benefits that it can do to their business, many have had lackluster digital marketing efforts in the past.

This may be due to digital marketing companies that offer one-size-fits-all marketing techniques that have not produced business growth, or may be due to med spas trying to do their own marketing in house, taking away precious time that could be spent on more important business issues.

Aesthetics Marketing is no stranger to these pains. We specialize in digital marketing for aesthetics businesses, understanding that each business is unique and finding a custom solution that works best for each specific circumstance.

Our clients have stayed with us for years because of our proven track record of consistent business growth and digital marketing positioning. Some clients have been around for over a decade! Let us show you how custom digital marketing packages with Aesthetics Marketing can transform your business and keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing Benefits

Thanks to modern technology, nearly every potential patient has access to just about any information they can dream of right on their smartphone. Searching for a medical spa for cosmetic procedures is no exception. Someone needs only to search “Medical Spa in (Patient’s Hometown)” and they will be scrolling through options in no time at all. Will your medical spa be one of the top searches on Google, or will you be buried on page 6?

Additionally, people find medical spas on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Many practitioners find it helpful to post trending topics or how-to videos that engage their potential audience and establish credibility for themselves.

If you are unsure about the variety of advantages that digital marketing with Aesthetics Marketing offers for medical spas, here are a few reasons that describe just how important it can be…

Expand Your Reach

While billboards, radio, and tv ads can reach audiences of those that happen to be driving or watching television at a specific place or time, a focused marketing campaign with Aesthetics Marketing can reach a much wider audience of smartphone users at any moment.

No one goes anywhere without their phone, so you need to be in their pockets and available at the top of a Google search or on their social media.

Custom solutions with Aesthetics Marketing will deliver your medical spa to the right people.

Identify Ideal Clients

Digital marketing connects you to a targeted audience, ensuring that you can find individuals who are most likely to be interested in your services.

Algorithms will push cosmetic procedures to individuals who have already searched for them in the past.

People not even thinking about a microneedling session or chemical peel can all of a sudden scroll right into a post from your medical spa’s social media page, putting your brand in front of the competition.

The same individual who is searching for microneedling in your area should also have your name at the top Google’s first page. The statistics are consistent that most people do not leave the first page, and many only look at the top one to four options. Aesthetics Marketing makes sure you are there.

Boost Engagement

Through social media, email or text marketing, and other similar campaigns, you have direct communication with your potential patients. You can have discussions and approachable interactions without leaving their preferred media platforms.

Demonstrated ROI

SEO, pay-per-click, and social media ads have been shown to provide a higher return on investment than older, more traditional methods. Embrace modern ways or risk falling behind.

What are My Options?

With Aesthetics Marketing, our team of experts can provide various methods of digital marketing that can help your Medical Spa grow while furthering your credibility and value. Digital marketing packages we offer include:



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, positions you at the top of client searches for medical spas or specialized procedures in your location.


Social Media Management

Over 70% of Americans use social media. When you include individuals in the demographics of potential clients, the number increases. Curated material on social media can provide you a significant advantage over your competitors.



Targeted adverts attract potential clients to your website and guide them through the process of using your services.


Content Writing

Use the written word to engage audiences across multiple platforms, establishing yourself as an expert in the field through blog posts, articles, and press releases.


Email Marketing

Email marketing provides consistent information to potential and existing clients, including trendy practices and helpful recommendations, while also creating credibility.


Website Creation

It is important to have a dynamic website that is both visually appealing and functional on desktop and mobile devices. Allow us to develop an interactive masterpiece that will serve as the foundation of your digital operations.


Website Hosting and Maintenance

Aesthetics Marketing offers website hosting and maintenance services, freeing up your time to focus on your business.



Need help with business strategy, ad campaigns, or marketing? Aesthetics Marketing provides consulting professionals who can examine your business and advise you on the best actions to take for long-term, sustainable growth.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Digital marketing provides a proven method for business growth that continues to become more necessary as time progresses. We help medical spas establish social media credibility, retain page-one Google presence, and perform successful marketing campaigns to retain clients and obtain additional business.

Would you be surprised to know that over 90% of searchers do not look past the first page on Google? Or that companies with active Instagram accounts are seen as more trustworthy than those without one? Aesthetics Marketing is up to date on trending statistics and utilize our knowledge to position your medical spa at the top of the competition in your area.

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